Ayush & Yoga

DVL Ayush & Yoga is a platform which provides all the information required for research in ayush and yoga. This database provides the access to 180+ full text journals and 50+ e-books covering all ayush & yoga subjects. It connects the Kayachikitsa (General MedicineAgada Tantra and Vyavaharayurveda (Toxicology, Jurisprudence and Forensic Medicine), Kayachikitsa (General Medicine),RachanaSharir (Anatomy), the database enables readers to keep abreast of current advances in their discipline and assists them in expanding their professional skills and knowledge.

  •  StriRoga and PrasutiTantra (Gynaecology, Obstetrics)
  •  Swasthyavritta (Social and Preventative Medicine)
  •  civil enginneering
  •  computer science
  •  electrical engineering
  •  electronics engineering
  •  environmental engineering
  •  general engineering
  •  hydraulic engineering
  •  materials science
  •  mechanical engineering
  •  nuclear engineering
  •  production engineering
  •  robotics
  •  tele-communication

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