Basic & Applied Science

DVL BASIC & APPLIED SCIENCE has been specially designed to meet the needs of research community worldwide. It offers quick and easy access to an impressive aggregation/compilation of the trust content from our publishing partners including e-journals along with archive, e-books, e-magazine, e-newsletter, videos case reports and other e-resources. DVL helps users to discover licenced content/paid resources as well as open, access information. DVL provides link to the content that reside on the publishers’ Web platforms. Over 1,000+ records are currently available covering all forensic & legal studies subject, together with an expanding range of specialist tools and service – for example subject-specific searches and data mining. Science can be "basic" or "applied." The goal of basic science is to understand how things work—whether it is a single cell, an organism made of trillions of cell, or a whole ecosystem. Basic science is the source of most scientific theories. For example, a scientist that tries to figure out how the body makes cholesterol, or what causes a particular disease, is performing basic science.Applied science is using scientific discoveries, such as those from basic research, to solve practical problems. For example, medicine, and all that is known about how to treat patients, is applied science based on basic research.

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  •  statistics
  •  science
  •  polymer science
  •  physics
  •  Physical Science
  •  microbiology
  •  Medicine and Allied Sciences
  •  Medical Lab Technology
  •  Mathematics
  •  Materials Science
  •  Geology
  •  Food Technology
  •  Computer Science
  •  chemistery
  •  Chemical Engineering
  •  botany
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  •  zoology
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  •  Electrical & Electronics
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