Forensic & Legal Studies

DVL Forensic & Legal Studies has been specially designed to meet the needs of research community worldwide. It offers quick and easy access to an impressive aggregation/compilation of the trust content from our publishing partners including e-journals along with archive, e-books, e-magazine, e-newsletter, videos case reports and other e-resources. DVL helps users to discover licenced content/paid resources as well as open, access information. DVL provides link to the content that reside on the publishers’ Web platforms. Over 1,000+ records are currently available covering all forensic& legal studies subject, together with an expanding range of specialist toolsand service – for example subject-specific searches and data mining. It also gives an over view of sociological, criminological, psychological aspect of human behaviour and the method used by enforcement agencies towards ensuring public safety, internal security, criminal investigation, police administration, prosecution management, judicial management, as well as prisons & correctional services.

  •  Brain Mapping
  •  Crime Scene
  •  Criminology
  •  Cyber Crime & Law
  •  DNA Fingerprint
  •  Explosives
  •  Fingerprinting
  •  Forensic Ballistics
  •  Forensic Science
  •  Investigation
  •  Security Management
  •  Toxicology
  •  Victimology

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