Humanity & Social Science

Humanities & Social Science is one of the major academic disciplines. The field of the study teacher’s student how history, art, music religious and culture have shaped the modern world. While on one hand, Humanities centres on art, music and literature,on the other hand,social science focuses on anthropology, archaeology and politics.DVL HUMANITY & SOCILAL SCIENCE covering important humanities and social sciences journal published in this field and offers quick and easy access to an impressive aggregation/compilation of trusted content from our publishing partners including e-journals along with archives, e-books-magazine e-newsletter, videos, case reports and other e-resources. DVL Helps users to discovers licensed content /paid resources as well as open access information. DVL provides a link to the content re-sides on the publishers’ Web platforms. Over 2,000+ records are currently available covering all humanity and social science subject, together with an expanding range of specialist tools and services-for example subject-subject searched and data mining.

  •  Archaeology
  •  Art & Humanity
  •  Development Studies
  •  Disaster Management
  •  Ecology, Environment and Sustainable Development
  •  Gender studies
  •  Gerontology
  •  International Relations
  •  Labour Studies and Social Protection
  •  Literary and Social Criticism
  •  Livelihood & Development Studies
  •  Peace and Conflict Studies
  •  Planning and Public Administration
  •  Political Science
  •  Psychiatry and Psychology
  •  Public Policy & Governance
  •  Religion and Theology
  •  Rights and Institutional Governance
  •  Sociology and Social Anthropology
  •  Urban studies

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